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Just Thinking

What point in time after getting someone’s number do you feel as though they should cut off everyone else for you ? Because we weren’t just born yesterday so people can randomly pop back up in their life or someone could already be putting in work for the same spot that you want so constantly getting mad about others in the picture is almost irrelevant. Me, I feel as though if its meant it will be long as I’m doing what I’m suppose to do nothing else should matter. The world is too big, unless its naturally in the persons nature to talk to one person at a time, they’re not going to. I don’t mind you having other bitches I know my me ill stick out from the others as long as we have communication and your not messy with your shit I’m cool. Keep it real with me ill keep it real with you. I know for one my needs would be met and no crazy shit would be coming at me about this and that because If so I couldn’t Fuck wit you. It’s no point in tryna make something happen with somebody if they can’t keep there shit in order. And its also a difference between constantly fucking random bitches all the time and having a few that you use to make sure your main should be your main. You not gonna just automatically know from the jump that they’re the one, you have to fully learn a person, get to know them.Other bitches will start to no longer do it for you if your main bitch possess all the qualities you desire. And unless your life is 100% in order you can’t force someone to just up and be with you. They have to except everything about you flaws and all. Your problems become theirs as well. When your with a person your a team, yall work together to make shit happen and keep each other happy along the way.

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Meagan Good at the premiere of “Total Recall” in Hollywood, California